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Ask Yourself...

Has your Durham, N.C. attorney defended folks falsely charged with shooting, assaulting or resisting police officers, charges brought after the accused had been beaten or threatened by the police?

Has your Durham attorney litigated against the FBI, sued a sitting District Attorney and gone up against police departments, company police and sheriffs?

Has your Durham attorney published a book that revealed the FBI spied on the U.S. Supreme Court and blackmailed a sitting justice?

Has your Durham attorney helped argue a clemency case that got a man off Death Row?

Or written scores of appellate briefs and argued state and federal cases?

Represented Durham Police Department employees who were falsely accused of crimes and then wiretapped by their own department?

Our attorneys have done all of that and more in their over 40 years of combined practice of law. Maybe you don't want that kind of lawyer because not every lawyer is the best for every case or every situation. Every client and every case situation is different, individual and unique. Pick a lawyer for the job you need done.

We're On Your Side

There are no guarantees except the promise to work hard and fight hard to vindicate your rights. If you're looking for a Durham lawyer who doesn't play golf with prosecutors (though one of our attorneys plays hockey and the other practices martial arts), you've come to the right law firm.

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Contact Charns & Donovan to set up a consultation about your legal issue or legal problem that took place in Durham County. We are not accepting civil cases from outside Durham County. An in person consultation and contract is necessary before Charns & Donovan agrees to represent anyone; the firm doesn't give legal advice over the phone or through email.

Durham attorneys Alex Charns and John Donovan look forward to helping you.


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