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Firm Overview

Our focus is on criminal law cases in Durham, North Carolina. We have the training and experience to address the complexities of serious criminal cases.

With over thirty years of experience, our firm is ready to assist you wherever your criminal case may lead.

A good lawyer never stops learning. Our attorney has spent hundreds of hours in training, both as a student and as an instructor, learning to address complex issues in criminal law. These issues include:

Forensic Science in Criminal Cases

Evidence Issues

Race and Criminal Justice

Constitutional Rights

Jury Selection

Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Use of Force

Legislative and Case Law Developments

Legislative and Technical Developments in Probation Law

Mental Health and Criminal Justice

We study the art and science of criminal defense so we can defend our clients at the highest level.

The firm is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, as well as the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.


My name is Alex Charns.  If you want a giant law firm with lots of young, inexperienced associates just out of law school, a large staff of secretaries and paralegals, you’ve come to the wrong place.

I am active in my parish, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. I help coach my kids’ hockey teams and play myself. I write non-fiction and fiction, and do some blogging about law and hockey.

Why do I practice criminal and police misconduct law? As a law student, late one night, I witnessed firsthand the result of a police beat-down on a lonely N.C. road surrounded by soybean fields. I drove hours to go to court for that victim of police brutality, but the judge convicted him anyway. That is something I will never forget.

It was an honor to be selected to be a member of the North Carolina Racial Equity Network, a state-wide group of attorneys dedicated to working inside and outside the legal system for racial equity through individual casework, training and mentorships.

I take seriously the awesome responsibility for the life and welfare of my clients that comes with being a criminal defense attorney, and work to preserve the liberties embodied in our Constitution. I hope and pray to God that I succeed in that more than I fail.

Meet me on WUNC’s State of Things: What did I get after almost a decade of litigating with the FBI? The records a re archived at UNC-CH:,Alexander.html